Hard rock stress field of metal mine in deep exploitation is influenced by multitudinous factors. Along with the increase of mining depth, the stope is more complicated in high stress state under the influence. This article studies monitored the surrounding rock activities around the hard rock metal mines consecutively and dynamically by established 10 monitor stations and analyzed the essential rules of stress field and the characteristics of the stope deformation and surrounding rock failure modes. The study revealed the mechanical behavior and the movement trend of tunnel, which is of important theoretical meaning to deep exploitation of hard rock metal mines and provide the reference for dynamic disaster prediction.


According to the typical classification, the deep mining is widely considered to be the mining depth in hard rock mines more than 600 m (Guo 2004). The original stress field is influenced by multitudinous factors in hard rock deep metal mines exploitation. In addition, the stress of stope is more complex accompanied with the increase of mining depth (Gu & Li 2006, Gu 2004). With the rapid development of China geotechnical engineering, various dynamic disasters of underground construction in deepseated and mining project (He et al. 2005) increase rapidly, and the trouble of dynamic disasters continues to appear, such as rock burst (Qi et al. 2003).

For hard rock in metal mines under high geostress, the dynamic disturbance caused by continuous mining which was conducted on it, the stress concentration of the original stress field may lead to rock damage easily. During the rock failure process, a lot of elastic potential energy was released, and as a result, many disasters appear (Yin et al. 2003, Ye 2008). The original geostress exists in ore, which is a very important factor of stability for geotechnical engineering in hard rock deep metal mines exploitation (Jing & Sheng 2011). The study of geostress survey is particularly important to prevent the happening of the disaster in hard rock deep metal mines exploitation (Cai 1991, Cai 1992).

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