As the main engineering geological problems of the Xiangjiaba hydropower dam foundation, the deflection core fracture zone which not only affects the dam foundation stress and deformation, but also cause a potential threat to seepage stability. After the Xiangjiaba hydropower dam impounding and generating electricity and running, under the action of high water head for a long time, to ensure the seepage stability of the foundation curtain deflection core fracture zone of the sluicing dam section, for solving technical problem of drilling and collapsing hole, segmented closed, pressure grouting, repeat splitting lifting, ineffective perfusion and so on, that using by the process method, mechanisms, control standards of combined grouting process of " fixed hole and sealing up " and " high pressure impact extrusion" to research and practice, so that the deflection core fracture zone impermeability has been significantly improved, reaching the design impermeable technical requirements, provides technical support and reference to implement seepage control for other similar projects.

1. Introduction

Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station is the last planning step of the Jinsha River, the dam is located in junction Yibin County in Sichuan Province and Shuifu County in Yunnan Province. Engineering hub is mainly water retaining structure, flood discharge energy dissipation buildings, blunt desilting buildings, diversion and power generation systems after the left bank dam, underground diversion and power generation systems on the right bank, navigation structures and irrigation water intakes and etc. Which weir dam is a concrete gravity dam, the largest dam height is 162m. Hydropower normal water level elevation is 380m, dead water level elevation is 370m, total reservoir capacity is 5.163 billion m3, regulating capacity is 903 million m3, which is incomplete season regulating reservoir. Power plant installed capacity is 6400MW, guaranteed output is 2009MW, annual average generating capacity is 30.747 billion kW·h, irrigated area is 3754800acres.

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