This paper updates some of the recent work on rock mechanics/engineering carried out at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. The developments on discontinuous numerical methods conducted under the Underground Technology and Rock Engineering (UTRE) research program are firstly introduced, including the coupling of the FEM and the DDA for rock fracturing analysis, general 2D-DDA educational software development, extended NMM for various types of discontinuity problems, and flat-top partition of unity-based NMM. Secondly, the numerical analysis for Jurong Rock Cavern (JRC) is presented, aiming to create reliable models for the hydrogeological analysis and provided valuable input for the project. lastly, a conceptual master plan of underground space development in the NTU campus is introduced, to illustrate the underground space utilization in Singapore.

1. Introduction

In land scarce Singapore, space creation is a key strategic area that concerns the survivability and sustainability of the nation. Land use pressures have urged Singapore to take actions to overcome its resource shortage through investing more in the area of space creation. To meet the technological challenges involved with underground space creation, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, has conducted many projects related to underground space development by a strong team with a wide range of expertise.

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