There are several analytical techniques in consideration of rock discontinuity, but the analytical technique that can consider both anisotropy of elastic modulus and anisotropy of rock strength is not found.

Particularly, the anisotropy of strength obtained by rock core tri-axial test and in-situ rock shear test, and the anisotropy of elastic modulus obtained by rock core uniaxial test and in-situ jack test, the analysis model which can consider these anisotropy based on rock tests is expected.

It was considered that the behavior of cavern during excavation be affected significantly by anisotropy and exfoliation in the well-developed anisotropic rock. It is difficult to represent the rock behavior accurately by the conventional homogeneous analysis model.

Therefore, authors proposed the Multiple Yield Model (MYM) which can consider the anisotropy of strength and deformation of rock and examined the applicability in this paper.

As contents of this paper, Authors compared the anisotropic theory of Jaeger and Hanh N.H. (1999) criterion for anisotropic rock with the element model analysis and inspected the analytical technique. Furthermore, Authors carry out the excavation analysis of the circular cavern model and report a tendency and a characteristic of the behavior in the anisotropic rock.

This paper report on the trends and characteristics of cavern behavior in anisotropic rock by MYM.

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