This paper presents an outstanding procedure quantifying the contribution of the electrical discharge task on the enhancement of RIT piles shaft capacities regarding bored foundations. It highlights how the identification of the shape factor combined with the construction of the load settlement curve of a single pile leads to the determination of the electrical discharge amplification factor. It finally draws a design chart allowing the user to estimate the shaft capacity of a single RIT pile based on the shaft term of a bored pile.

Proposed Procedure

The shaft capacity of a RIT pile is characterized by two major parameters namely the shape effect and the electrical discharge. The first one provides a soil-to soil frictional mechanism and therefore augments the shaft resistance a RIT pile towards vertical loads as it's presented in Figure.1 and detailed in (Bouassida, 2016).

The second one concerns the electrical discharge task (EDT) which provides shock waves dynamically compacting the soil close to the pile and therefore improving its cohesion and friction angle, hence its shear strength as it is shown in Figure.2

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