By determining the engineering characteristics of the slopes, it is aimed to be important in the future construction of municipal zoning plans and to draw attention to the geotechnical criticism of the area. Especially in developing countries, land in mountainous areas is not used in accordance with topology and improper land use increases the likelihood of landslide development. For this reason, there is no sustainability in terms of the physical environment, change and productivity of the area concerned. By using geotechnical characteristics of the materials and composite matrix waste materials according to the tensile strength, shear resistivity and permeability were investigated. Composite testing on matrix layers and according to the values calculated on the slopes no S1, S2 and S3, S4 the optimum design were found to be a suitable matrix by use of 2/2/0.001cm rate thickness of fly ash/bottom ash/geotextile as stable and the impermissible and stable. The landslide phenomena cause was reduced to the minimum.


The engineering geotechnical characteristics of the surface units have been determined by making a geological map of the areas in Sirnak province and surrounding area (Anbalagan 1992). Geological map processing of slopes on large-scale topographic maps has been one of the first landslide studies in the region. Landslide is the downward slope of the slope of slopes in mountainous regions due to the effects of gravity, slope, water, climatic factors, tectonism, and decomposition on the large earth masses or rocks (Cernica, 1995, Chen et al., 2008). material geology, precipitation, erosion, earthquake and lack of vegetation can be listed as. Limit stress and equilibrium analyzes give accurate results in determining the danger of landslides and in predicting future landslides (Das, 1994, Dramis et al., 1994). In high-risk areas, increasing population density, landslide and related events will increase proportionally. It is very difficult to eliminate and reduce the risks arising from the processes of these landslides.

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