For complexity and invisibility of the tunnel rocks, once the blasting method is determined, the main factors affecting the blasting quality is the blasting parameters. A set of reasonable blasting parameters, not only ensure blast contour accuracy, but also improve the construction process efficiency. The factor regression model based on collected data and engineering knowledge and the optimizing method is a multivariate prediction method. It can be used to set up grading index of smooth blasting on large-section deep-buried tunnel. In this paper, we introduce in detail the influencing factors of blasting quality on large-section deepburied tunnel. Considering that the experience of engineers and the single parameter model are not optimizing method, we present a factor regression model to ensure the blasting quality is optimized. We systematically compare and analyze the blast contour efficiency and accuracy with different blasting parameters based on a lot of experiments and optimized designs. According to the experiment results, the embrasure utilization ratio have a good advance by using the smooth blasting technology, and we conclude the blasting quality for each blasting parameter with which the blast contour accuracy can be obviously improved on large-section deep-buried tunnel.

1 Introduction

Parameter optimization of smooth blasting on tunnel is very important in any blasting operation. In the past, several empirical models have been developed to optimize of smooth blasting. Jiang Deyi et al.[1] studied the smooth blasting design and optimization of large span urban highway tunnels. Based on a regression analysis of the blasting vibration monitoring results, a spread orderliness of blasting vibration was drawn. Explosion parameters optimization measures were put forward, selected from the maximum charge quantity, millisecond blasting, reasonable blasting time difference, and the excavation plan. Pan Mingliang et al.[2] studied the improvement and application of smooth blasting construction technology in large cross-section tunnel. The demolition parameter, power-charging structure and the initiation network of the Dayaoshan tunnel excavation were detailedly analyzed and designed. Wang Xiaorong[3] discussed on smooth blasting technique in II surrounding rock excavation at Daiyuling tunnel. Dong Peng[4] proposed reasonable parameter of blasting with a sleek surface, the collocation of blasting positions and dynamite volume.

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