In recent years, embedded anti-slide pile was applied widely in the slope protection, and it becomes the major method in this field. So far, the research was well developed under the static situation, but the dynamic situation. In this article, according to the dynamic strength reduction method and utilization of finite difference soft ware (FLAC), a new embedded anti-slide pile anti-seismic design method was put up. Comparing the internal force value of pile before and after earthquake effects, the bigger value was adopted to be the value which is designed internal anti-seismic value, as well as the internal force distribution of the pile was analyzed. After the calculation and analysis of the particular slope, the result shows that: the embedded anti-slide pile not only can protect the slope under the static situation, but also can satisfy the requirements of the anti-seismic design.

1 Introduction

In landslide support, as a newand economic reinforcement measure, embedded anti-slide pile can save a lot of engineering materials, and reduce the project's cost. However, the design of majority embedded anti-slide pile is based on experience or some rough calculation. It is great risk, but also difficult to give full play to the potential ability of the embedded anti-slide pile, therefore the pile hasn't been widely used. In recent years, Zheng et al. (2002) take the finite element strength reduction method, and put forward the systematic calculation and design method of the embedded antislide pile. This method can accurately calculate the length, thrust, resistance force and internal force of the buried pile. They also have conducted the large-scale physical model test study on the embedded anti-slide pile (Lei 2006; Song et al. 2007), combined with numerical simulation to verify the accuracy of theoretical calculation, and this method has been used in some engineering. But in these projects, the dynamic response to seismic action hasn't been considered, or some projects use rough pseudo-static method, so the research on the seismic design of the anti-slide pile is very necessary.

In this paper, base on the dynamic strength reduction method which has been proposed by Zheng Yingren, we put forward the dynamic calculation and design method on embedded anti-slide pile, this method can fully consider the dynamic effect to make the seismic design is more scientific, reasonable and economic.

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