The pregnant and sliding mechanism of rock landslides was firstly obtained, comparative analysis of modern typical rock landslides information. Then, the failure mechanism of rock landslides was simulated selected a typical rocky bedding landslide as prototype, which damaged mainly by goundwater pressure. The test was to maintain the true latent slip surface and seize the main factors causing the landslide. Major stress magnitude, direction and distribution was basically the same with the prototype in the test. Finally, the prototype landslide hydraulic start critical value was calculated, in accordance with the easily slip over dip slope stability model and its hydraulic start value formula. The rock mechanics parameters and structural parameters of the prototype rock landslide was obtained from the inversion analysis. The simulation test results show that the experimental critical values was coincide with the theoretical critical values, and verify the correctness of the test method.

1 Introduction

Rocky bedding landslides are widely developed disastrous landslides. For example, the Shaoxi landslide in Zhong county, Chongqing, which damaged in July 16, 1982 (Xichang CHEN et al. 2009a). And the Niujiaodong landslide in Yunyang county, Chongqing, which damaged in July 18, 1982 (Xichang CHEN et al. 2009a). And theVajont landslide near the Vajont reservoir dam banks in the Italian, which damaged in October 9, 1963 (Anderson. J.G.C. & Trigg. C.F. 1986, LanshengWANG2007). And the Qianjiangping landslide in the China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project reservoir bank, which damaged in July 13, 2003 (Shirong XIAO et al. 2010, Baoping WEN et al. 2008, Shouding LI et al. 2008). And so forth. The first two landslides are occurred in the easily slip over dip slope, and the latter two landslides are occurred in the chair-shape cataclinal slope (Xichang CHEN et al. 1993b). Both the two rock landslides have a high degree of similarity on slopes structure, inducing factors, deformation and failure characteristics. In this paper, the pregnant and slide mechanism of the rock landslides was first analysis, and was simulatd on the basis of the slope structure and inducing factors of rocky bedding landslides.

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