Highway slope safety risk evaluation methods are established which based on geological hazard risk evaluation methodology. Safety risk evaluation for Taishangou tunnel entrance slope of Shiyan to Baihe highway is studied. Monte Carlo simulation is used to get the stability of the slope probability of failure under the conditions of normal operation and abnormal conditions. And the vulnerability for the part of slope within the affected areas is analyzed. Possible economic loss and population casualties are obtained through the risk calculation formula. The results show that: Taishangou tunnel entrance slope is less risk in the normal conditions; but slope is higher risk in non-normal conditions, management measures must be taken to reduce risk and to strengthen monitoring, particularly to strengthen the monitoring of slope deformation in the construction process and adverse natural conditions. The result is provided guidance for slope protection and safe operation of Shiyan to Baihe highway.

1 Introduction

With the development of mountain highway, highgrade route, wide pavement and large excavated volume, a large number of high slopes have emerged. At the same time, there are numerous high slope deformation and damages, which increases the investment and delays the construction period, even damages the existing engineering. How to correctly understand and design the stable high slope has drawn the attention of the government authorities and technical personnel. Particularly in the western mountain region, the mountain ridge hilly terrain occupies a large area, the roads often pass through high mountains and lofty hills, the construction of high-grade highway in the mountain ridge region would inevitably produce the high-fill and deep-cut subgrade, and thus a large number of high slopes are formed, having large-scale engineering, complex influencing factors, variable geological environment, and different requirements for safety and utilization. The stability of high slope becomes one of the major problems of the highway engineering construction, if the problem of high slope is not solved, it will directly lead to a serious consequence.

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