This study aims at comparing experimentally single and double spiral (scroll) cutting patterns and to see the possibility for replacing single spiral with double spiral in chain saw machines. Full-scale linear cutting tests are performed by using a chisel cutting tool used with chain saw machines. The tests are performed at line spacing of 5mm and varying depths of cut per revolution by using a natural stone sample (travertine). Comparison criteria are normal force, cutting force, specific energy and size distribution of cuttings.

The results indicate that although the tool forces are slightly higher in the double spiral cutting pattern, the specific energy is lower, which means higher production rates with lower costs. It is considered that replacing single with double spiral cutting pattern would improve the cutting performance of chain saw machines.

1 Introduction

Natural stone is the oldest construction material used by man. From ancient times until today, natural stones have played an important role in industry and architecture. Increase of world population brings a high demand to natural stone which gives a growing trend to natural stone production technology. For today, problem is not the production of natural stones but the production rates and costs.

Chain saw machines are used for cutting low to medium abrasive and soft to medium strength natural stones. They are capable to vertical or horizontal slot cutting. The production rate is higher when a combined use of chain saw and diamond wire machines. Adding only one chain saw to equipment fleet, in addition to diamond wire cutting machines, improves the overall performance of a mid-size quarry about 20% (Copur et al., 2006).

As far as known by the authors of this study, design of tool layout in the most of available chain saw machines, which are continuous belt type linear motion machines, are in the form of single spiral (scroll) cutting pattern. It is also known that double or triple spiral cutting patterns are used in rotating cutterheads of many other modern mechanical miners such as roadheaders, shearers, and continuous miners. This study aims at experimentally comparing single and double spiral cutting patterns and to see the possibility for replacing single with double spiral cutting pattern in chain saw machines.

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