By the experimental study on the physical and mechanical properties of typical rock in the Liuzuo Copper Mine, the base physical parameter and main mechanical parameters such as elasticity modulus, poisson's ratio, compressive strength and shear strength parameters is put forward in this paper. Research analyzes the uniaxial compressive strength influenced by moisture content, the triaxial compressive strength and the elasticity modulus influenced by confining stress. Moreover the optimal correlativity of the compressive and elasticity modulus is obtained through analyzing the curve fitting. The research results can provide basic data for the study on mining numerical analysis, the stope structure optimization, also the correlativity of the compressive and elasticity modulus can provide reference when there isn't enough data.


Currently, most of the mines at home and abroad are facing a reduction or depletion of shallow surface resources, and therefore many mines have been turning to the mining of the deep deposits. With the increase of mining depth, ground pressure activity intensifies and rock mechanics problem becomes increasingly prominent. Especially when the mining depth exceeds one thousand meters, the ground stress only due to the gravity has been close to or more than the uniaxial compressive strength of the rock mass, even if it is extremely firm rock mass, the rock mass surrounding roadway or pillar is vulnerable to the instability and failure where the exposed surface caused by the excavation has the rock under load from the three dimension changed to under load from two-dimension or even one-dimension. Therefore, the research of the mechanical properties of the rock in the mines, focusing on the study of the strength characteristics under load from one dimension and three dimensions has a very important significance; it further will provide basic data and reference for analysis of rock stability, stope structure parameters optimization and values calculation.

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