This paper presents a critical analysis of three major wear tests on rock: slake durability, Los Angeles and micro-Deval. These tests are amply used as a way to characterize the rocks used in construction. With large scale projects of infrastructure across the country and around the world at an accelerated rate, the growing search for more rock materials, it generates an increasing demand of characterization for wear test. With the different exogenous environment in which there are geotechnical applications, the rock can suffer from various forms of degradation in the service time. Wear tests generate good results of durability and weight loss, which are the main factor of choice of rocks in the construction. The objective of this paper is to propose a correlation between these tests as [1] concludes his paper with the linear relationship of slake durability and micro- Deval test and proposing an idea of direct correlation to further testing and characterization deeper. The main variations of the tests are discussed in the literature and presented the results of the main adjustments made in abrasive tests and their characteristics. Analysis of the results shows and confirms the previous idea and presents equations of correlation between the wear tests presented. The idea is not to discard the use of characterization tests, but rather to broaden the discussion on the subject and provide an alternative to laboratories with the absence of one or other equipment.

1. Introduction

Studies to evaluate of the durability characteristics in rock materials are common to use wear tests. In these test there is a relationship between the standard rotation speed of the degradation drum and the material durability characteristics. The determination of this relationship is fundamental for characterization a material in your life time behavior, considering that the rotation speed is related to the energy of environmental degradation.

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