In this paper the thermal design of a subsurface cold storage, with minimum energy less, for the desired thermal resistance to ensure the required low temperature is to be discussed systematically and theoretically.


The aim of this paper is to discuss the thermal design and calculus of a subsurface cold storage. This problem is ofinterest to the scientific and technical community that desires to develop the use of subsurface space. It is found in the tropics that the underground temperature is somewhat higher than that of the other part of the earth and that the more dangerous flood is likely to occur under the ground. Hence, from the view point of saving energy and quality control, the thermal design and calculus of subsurface cold storage is very important.

According to the experiences of practice on the subsurface cold storages in our country, we have come to the conclusion that a good subsurface cold storage must be larger, deeper, grouped, uniform (temperature) and high (humidity). This is what we called "Five words experiences". This paper is intended to make. a scientific approach to the subject.

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