As a kind of dynamic damage in coal mine, rockburst is the result of deformation and failure under different scale stress. Under the action of tectonic stress, in-situ stress and mining stress, both of the macro occurrence form of coal-rock mass and its surface and internal microstructure were changed. The superposition of in-situ stress and mining stress is the foundation of rockburst, the higher stress increment is the root cause of rockburst induced. Based on the effective monitoring and accurate evaluation on stress in different scales, According to the multi-scale mechanical impact characteristics on coal mine dynamic disaster, from regional stress compatible to local stress control, the space-time monitoring and evaluation system of multilevel different-sources was established. The cut transfixion of island working face with strong probability of rock burst were solved under the direction of this technology.


Whether the collision, blast and combination of stars in the universe and the galaxy or sun alternate and continental drift on earth, whether earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption of local extent or the instability of physical structures and fracture development, all of these phenomenon occurrence are related to force and the differences among them is the magnitude and the scale range of force. The force in the universe can be divided into Gravitation, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force on the basis of force sources and the scale of force (Sun 2008). The force on the earth can be divided into internal force and external force on the basis of force source mechanism. The lithosphere geological force and the displacement movement caused by the internal force of the earth was called tectonic movements. The movement can be divided into extruded, extrusion destructive, shear, tension-type and Wilson cycle (Wu 2006). However, even the same type of tectonic movements, the different size and scale of the force make rock deformation mechanism and mode of failure has a clear distinction in different scales. Different levels of force control the stability of rock mass structural and the characteristics of deformation failure in different ranges. In the practical geotechnical engineering, the force effect on body of engineering should be analyzed and controlled in multi-scale. For the occurrence of rockburst in coal mine, which is mainly caused by the movement and fracture of overlying strata in the mining areas. Although the location and energy different, the root are mainly the impact of the regional stress and the mining-induced stress. Reasonably coordinate crustal stress and effectively control mining-induced stress, the rockburst can be prevented.

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