Micro-seismic monitoring technology is based on the theories of acoustic emission and seismology, by monitoring the dynamic destabilization process of rock failure including germination, expansion etc. Micro-seismic monitoring technique can evaluate and predict the location of epicentre, energy, high stress zone and fracture degree, which is a kind of effective geophysical information monitoring technology. An overview of the Micro-seismic monitoring technology, which is widely used in deep mining, and control of mine dynamic disaster presented in this paper. Finally, an example shows the successful application of Micro-seismic monitoring technology in HUATING coalmine. Micro-seismic incident is relatively more powerful near the coal working face mainly with a large energy release. It accounts for 76.84% of total mine earthquake whose average energy is 3.70E+05J. Vibration energy is mainly concentrated in between 10E4J to 10E6J. We can conclude from the space distribution, time order and relatively concentrated districts delineated of Microseismic events that relatively concentrated districts of ground pressure correspond to the location of deep mining areas and the concentrated districts are relatively independent. Top and bottom of the surrounding rock is the main danger zone. Establishing the relationship between Micro-seismic event's b value variation and the risk of damage of the surrounding rock can provide a reference for Micro-seismic monitoring based on deep mine disaster forecasting technology.

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