Tunnel monitoring measurement is an important working procedure of the tunnel construction, and it is also one of the three elements of "new Austrian method". Currently, most of the data is stored and processed by EXCEL, however, due to the large amount of tunnel monitoring measurement task, the amount of data that had been collected from the scene is very huge every day, therefore, just relying on technicians manually to input, store, classified process data and generate reports which will take up a lot of manpower and material resources, and very easy to make mistakes in the meantime. Because of the lack of practical and efficient monitoring data analysis and processing technology, monitoring work is difficult to play a real role. This paper which based on Access of Microsoft has developed an automatic warning system of tunnel monitoring that has a friendly user interface. This system contains lots of functions, such as data inputting, storage, inquiring, alarm, and regression analysis, what's more, it also effectively improves the efficiency and management level.


No matter what kind of method is used to excavate tunnel and other underground facilities in the mountain areas, it will cause internal force redistribution of the surrounding rock mass, affect its integrity and stability and change the original rock stress state. Thus, it will inevitably cause displacement deformation phenomenon such as vault sinking, clearance convergence and ground surface settlement in the construction process of tunnel. The phenomena of settlement and convergence have some certain rules. Through the study of these rules, it can able to judge if the rock mass is stability or not, the supporting structure is effective or not and the construction method of tunnel is safety or not, predict possible construction hazards and adjust the construction and supporting forms timely, thereby optimizing the construction scheme and ensuring the construction safety of the tunnel. From the present situation of the current domestic tunnel monitoring work, most of the data is stored and processed by EXCEL. Developing an automatic warning system of tunnel monitoring has an important theoretical significance and engineering application value in order to serve the information construction at the scene and manage monitoring data in a better way, process and analyze data timely and accurately. Using this system can be more convenient and accurate to find historical data in the future, and analyze and decide monitoring data quickly. Furthermore, it also meets the needs of the tunnel construction control (Chung et al. 2006, Guo et al. 2009, Deng et al. 2010, 2011, 2012, Kim et al. 2008, Wu et al. 2013a, b, Ye et al. 2009).

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