Owing to exploitation of tunnel and other underground space, the structure and stress form of the original foundation soil has been changed. What's more, it also causes the damage of foundation soil structure and the destruction of the ground structures. Meanwhile, it leads to engineering accidents and serious social impact. Therefore, adopting an advanced detection technology has important engineering application value and social significance. The GPR detection technology can detect the underground unknown geological body quickly. Then, this paper conducts cavity exploration combining the K62 + 0 ~ 100 collapse section of Kun Yu highway. The detection results are used to guide the subgrade strengthening and the grouting effects have been examined which gained good application results.


With the constant development and utilization of urban underground space, ground subsidence accidents happened very often owing to the complex engineering geological conditions and construction environment. Therefore, it is very important to improve the underground cavity detection technology continuously and improve the level of detection in order to ensure the safety of people's life and property at the most extent.

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