The adaptive automatic triaxial testing machine test study on mechanical properties at different temperatures of the role of gneissic granite conduct, failure mechanism analysis gneissic granite peak stress, peak strain, elastic modulus variation with temperature. The results showed that: the temperature of the mechanical characteristics of gneissic granite greater impact, as the temperature rises, the mechanical properties of gneissic granite obvious damage, peak stress and elastic modulus decreased peak strain increases. In gneissic granite elastic modulus variation with temperature start, assuming that rock infinitesimal strength to obey two Weibull distribution parameters derived considering thermal effect of damage evolution equation and damage constitutive equation.


Rock is a different cement and mineral particles and contains a lot of micro-cracks and micro-holes and other defects in natural materials, their physical and mechanical properties by severe temperature. Processing railways, highways, utilities, inter-basin water transfer, and other mineral resources in the field of underground rock engineering, rock mechanics often need to consider the effect of temperature characteristics. Thus, fully aware of the influence of temperature on mechanical properties of rock, for ensuring the long-term temperature influence of rock engineering stability and security of the key.

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