Digitalization facilitates a variety of opportunities for better understanding of construction processes, quality assurance and optimization of construction works. Especially in ground engineering works, the accuracy of data is of utmost importance. In grouting not seldom there are 200 or more injections done per day. In order to handle this amount of data on a daily basis, it takes nearly one full-time-equivalent. Traditionally this work is done manually using spreadsheet programs. After analysing the requirements of the stakeholders a workflow for a digital system, consisting of five steps was developed.

Digitalization can reduce the time spent with daily documentation and simultaneously increase the quality by removing an error prone way of work. This is only the first step for a digital tool. Calculations and analyzes, that could not be done in a classic work environment, can be done in real time and arbitrarily fine. This includes workload, number of needed machines, daily performance, key performance indicators and even construction time forecasts based on real data. Progress can be shown in different visual ways and understood at a glance. The same system provides for a tool for daily planning, by highlighting points that have to be worked off.

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