In this paper the geotechnical description of a halloysite clay, coming from boreholes performed in Barlovento Dam, is made. It is important to remark this material had a difficult behaviour during the performance of laboratory tests, clearly different of the materials Soil Mechanics usually treats with. The geotechnical description comprised the following aspects:

  • identification tests: the grain size and plasticity tests had to be made with different procedures of the ones described in the technical Spanish standards due to the special characteristic of the material;

  • X-Ray diffraction tests;

  • chemical tests;

  • dry density and natural water content of the material;

  • strength tests that comprised dynamic penetration tests (SPT and DPSH test),triaxial and direct shear tests and pressuremeter tests made in the boreholes;

  • deformability tests that included oedometer and pressuremeter tests

  • permeability and dispersibility tests.

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