Four contributing factors to the success of monitoring tasks by Real-time Soil Deformation Monitoring System (RSDMS) have been identified. The factor included the ability to achieve accurate observation, maximum reliability of the system, the automatic measurement and computation factors and the emails alert function. RSDMS has developed using VB 6.0 for measure and trace alterations in coordinates of monitoring prisms which caused by soil movements. The TM30 robotic total station is used as a geodetic measuring device in RSDMS. Collected data are transferred back to the server subsequently processed with with Least Squares Adjustment from software embedded STAR*NET. Adjusted coordinates that differences from initial survey will be analyzed further by targets health check function before triggered emails alert. RSDMS is capable to record measurements, carry out deformation analysis and events triggering alarm thus provide a simple, low cost and effective way to monitor absolute 3-D displacements for numerous monitoring points.


The measurement technique for spatial data collection for industrial measurement and deformation detection usually employed by surveyors are based on the geodetic method. Industrial measurement and deformation detection commonly consists of data collection and processing modules. Data collection is one of the important aspects where all the spatial information collected must not contain gross error (Wolf and Ghilani, 2006). Gross error is normally contributed from surveyor or observer blunders. Observer blunders are usually caused by misunderstanding of the problem, carelessness, fatigue, missed communication or poor judgment (Mikhail, 1976; Wolf and Ghilani, 2002). This paper deals with real time data acquisition for industrial deformation application. RSDMS has 2 computerized programs where installed in remote terminal unit (RTU) at monitoring site and in processing server in laboratory, the first one is RSDMS Measurements Control, functioned as a interactive software to send and receive commands from Total Station.

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