Initial geostress is indispensable to the design and the construction of rock engineering. Based on the measured data of geostress and engineering-geological conditions in the region of Wendeng Pumped storage power station, a geological model is developed to express the physiognomy of the research area and rock mass structure. The established 3D simplified geological model is calculated by Fast Lagrangian Analysis for Continuum of FLAC3D. A multivariate regression model is established between the actually measured and corresponding calculated results of geostresses. According to multiple regression analysis, the optimum regression coefficient can be received. Through the comparison between computed and measured geostress values of measuring points, found that they are similar in values and directions, which suggests the accuracy and reasonability of the geostress field. The results offer for reasonable geostress field for excavating simulation and analysis on stability of the underground workshop of Wendeng Pumped storage power station.


The initial stress field of rock (or geostress field) is the necessary condition for rock engineering numerical simulation and the stability analysis of rock. It is not only the important factor for decision of the regional stability and is the force of underground excavation or ground deformation and destruction of geotechnical engineering. It is the mechanics properties of surrounding rock, and is the precondition of geotechnical engineering design and realization of the excavation of scientific decision. How to accurately reflect the initial stress field of geotechnical engineering is an important subject which the geotechnical engineering has to face. From the characteristics and demands for largescale engineering construction, along with the implementation of the western development strategy, many large rock engineering will be constructed in western. But the western geological environment is very complex where the most intense global modern crustal movement, active faults exist.

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