Jiulong mine is a typical inundation coal mine in China, in the working face several water inrush disasters has occurred during the process of deep mining so far. Working face water inrush disasters in Jiulong mine is taken as the research object, by means of the Hollow Inclusion, deep rock mechanics character measurement and on-site investigation, this paper has discussed the influencing factors of the stability of the floor in deep mining working face and come to the conclusion of distributed characteristics of stress field. Combined with numerical simulation, it inverses the distributed discipline of the stress field, studies the stability characteristics of the floor in the deep mining working face under the effect of in-situ stress, confined water, and mining disturbance. The research results show that the integral floor heave in the deep mining working face of Jiulong mine is due to the influence of multi-field coupling, which includes in-situ stress field, the pressure of confined water under strata, the mining disturbance stress, and so on. Among these, the tectonic stress field, the recovery method and the size of working face are key elements of floor heaving and breaking. By the appropriate selection of mining method and the size of working face, such water inrush disasters can be prevented effectively. And mining area in-situ measurement also plays an important role in the research of the working face floor water inrush mechanism.


Due to gradually entering the time of deep mining, the threat of overlying confined groundwater become intensive in increasing number of mine working face in China. Consequently, a number of researches[1–5] have been done by many outstanding scholars, which focus onwater inrush mechanism inworking face with deep mining overlying confined groundwater. These researches indicated that: Geostress is the most significant and essential factor.

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