As the depth increasing of domestic and foreign coal mines, the ground press increasing gradually and the mining conditions are getting worse and worse. By the impact of tunneling and mining face, the roadway deformation is serious and the roadway floor heave frequently, the regular service of the roadway is affected severely. The engineering geological conditions and the mechanical properties of the wall rock of a certain coal mine were analyzed, and the in situ ground press and strain of the roadway was measured, the floor heave failure mechanism of the deep large span roadway was studied, and the floor heave controlling program "anchormesh- cable + bottom grouting anchor" was proposed aiming at the results of the analysis, and the numerical simulation also verified that the program is reliable, the field experiments showed that the supporting got a good performance, the research production gives some references for the floor heaving controlling and prevention of the deep roadway.


With the coal mining depth increasing continuously, mining disasters have increased each day, and it causes a tremendous threat to the safety and efficient exploitation of deep coal resources. Floor is the foundation of the tunnel, dramatic floor heaving not only made the mine ventilation, transportation, pedestrian severely affected, but also may lead to instability of the entire roadway, inrush of water, rock burst and other disasters, and come into being a serious threat to the safe extraction of deep coal resources. Domestic and international researches have shown that stability control of roadway surrounding rock are one of the key issues in deep coal mining, and the key problem to solve the stability control of deep roadway surrounding rock is to carry out the research on the floor instability mechanism and controlling countermeasures.

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