The haulage roadway of the fifth coal mine of Hebi coal group located in the syncline axis, depth of burial 706 m, is suffering from a knotty problem of severe tunnel deformation and in short supply of production due to high tectonic stress and complex geological environment. The main elements on roadway stability controlling were determined and the mechanism of the deformation and failure of the roadway was researched by means of comprehensive analysis on engineering geological and the results of in situ measurement of ground stress around the roadway, based on the result of numerical simulation, the new coupling supporting design—bolt-mesh-cable+truss with anchor in the floor to control floor heaving—is proposed. Practices have proved that the bolt-mesh-cable+truss and anchor in the floor scheme adapts to high ground press condition, it will make full use of the action of coupling support and controlling the deformation of the roadway sufficiently, and providing fundamental basis for safe and efficient production for other coal mines.


As the mining depth increasing constantly, the ground stress also increases gradually and the geological conditions deteriorates, thus resulting in large deformation of the surrounding rock such as the roof subsidence, two walls shrinking and floor heaving, the roadway controlling is the major technical problem impacts on the deep mining continuation and the safety in production (He M.C.2004.)

2.2 Rock mass properties of the engineering

The on-site exposed shows that the main rock of the project is mudstone or sandy mudstonewhich contains expansive clay minerals and abundant rock joints and fissures, the rock is loose and broken by the impacts of the fracture, the surrounding rock of the roadway is also in the folder for coal-line, all these are the disadvantage factors affect the roadway stability

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