How to enhance the output in low-permeability oilfield has been the focus of the researchers. The technique of abrasive jet cutting in oil are developed to be used in increasing oil production and water pouring quantity by abrasive two-phase jet theory. Based on the basic parameters of Daqing oilfield, it proved the relation of rock body stress and seepage rate. According to the numerical simulation for the in-situ rock stress field changes of oilfield before and after slotting, the mechanism of abrasive jet cutting in oilfield to increasing production is found. Slotted through wells weeks the change of the original rock stress field, obtained after the abrasive water jet cutting oil output slit mechanism. The results showed the flow-area increased and the seepage rate increased after slotting. Furthermore, the rock strata of compaction zone loosened and bring new cracks with reducing of in-situ rock stress, thereby enhancing effectively the permeability of strata and increasing oil production.


Now oil is the most important non-renewable energy in the world which could not be replaced. However, low recovery ratio of oil production has been troubled with a large number of scientific researchers. Especially for low-permeability oil fields, how to improve the extraction efficiency and output has become a key problem. In order to improve the permeability of low-permeability wells, domestic and foreign experts and scholars respectively has studied recovery ratio of technical measures such as hydraulic fracturing, intensive drilling, explosive fracturing, acidizing, perforating et al. But the effect is not good. Hydraulic slotting technique is simple, easy to use, easy to control, low cost. And it directly achieves yield of oil wells. Therefore, it has broad prospects. Hydro-sand blasting works pretty good. It applies liquid and solid two-phase jet in production which slots oil reservoir through the specialized tools.

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