Studies of earthquake-induced landslides in China using ground motion parameters have been rare. However, landslides induced by the 2008Wenchuan Earthquake in the Longmenshan area were relatively well instrumented and can be investigated using ground motion records. Analysis shows that the Newmark accumulative displacement calculated from the ground motion data recorded in a particular geological hazard zone corresponds to the hazard intensity in that zone: the larger the displacement, the more serious the geological hazard. Analysis also shows that the displacement is related to the Arias Intensity, which represents the total energy released during the earthquake at the observation site. An evaluation model of Newmark displacement calculated with Arias Intensity was constructed to estimate the subsequent slope failure resulting from the earthquake. The fact that the calculated results based on the model fit well with the distribution of actual landslides shows that this method is useful for hazard evaluation. This type of model therefore can be used as a tool for estimating regional-scale distributions of earthquake-induced landslides and their associated hazards. Furthermore, the technique is useful for evaluating applied engineering needs during reconstruction efforts in the earthquake-hit area.


The MS8.0 Wenchuan earthquake of 12 May 2008 induced severe landslides and caused great economic and human losses. Much research has subsequently been undertaken concerning, not only the earthquake, but also geological disasters triggered by the earthquake (Huang et al., 2008;Yin, 2008; Liu, 2008). Earthquake-induced landslide hazard is widely distributed in China. According to statistical data from earthquakes that have occurred since 1949, over 20 provinces and regions have records of such disasters, especially in the western mountainous areas that are prone to earthquakes (Wang, 2009(a)). However, there have been only limited studies conducted on earthquake-induced landslides in China to date, especially those involving the measurement of ground motion parameters.

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