In order to better cooperate with the YJ-95 piezomagnetic stress meter for stress measurement, design and develop the piezomagnetic stress meter intelligent data analysis system. In this paper accuracy assessment and reliability analysis of the intelligent data analysis system of the piezomagnetic stress meter are discussed in theory and practical application on the detail. This system first processes error and estimates precision about measured value by least-squares method, studentized residuals method and coordinate transformation. Precision estimation have two steps: assessing the accuracy of stress components and assessing the accuracy of the principal stress. Then the system analyses the reliability of results depending on existing databases, the in-situ stress condition and other criteria. The above process is carried out by the system intelligently, and the final results of the analysis can be presented.


In-situ stress measurement is an important method to study the crustal stress state and tectonic stress field. Accurate stress data is essential to the mining, water conservancy, civil construction, underground caverns, and other constructions. However, stress measurement errors are ineluctable. According to error theory, as long as there are the number of observations is more than that of variables (stress components), we can estimate the error, in other word the accuracy can be assessed. In addition the actual stress value always is unknown, so it is not possible to compare measured values with unknown values in order to validate the accuracy of measurement results. As a result, it is necessary to use appropriate criterions for reliability analysis of the results so as to the reasonable utilization. The piezomagnetic stress meter intelligent data analysis system aimed at the YJ-95 piezomagnetic stress meter. So the piezomagnetic stress meter intelligent data analysis system can get the accurate outcome, and the reliability of the results is scientific assessed.

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