The object of this study was to: examine the possibility of using values of modulus, of elasticity and tensile obtained in flexural bending tests, as a criterion for the geotechnical classification of intact rock.

In order to compare test results, three meek types (sandstone, granite and, basalt): were studied using 10 specimens of each. type. For each specimen, the tensile strength in the flexural bending, diametral compression and point load test was determined as Well as the uniaxial compressive strength and the modulus of elasticity in both the uniaxial compression and flexural bending tests.

The test results showed excellent correlation for the modulus of elasticity values determined in the flexural bending and uniaxial compression tests. An excellent correlation was also obtained for the strength values in the diametral compression and uniaxial compression tests. Fair correlation were obtained for the strength values in the flexural bending and diametral compression tests, in the: flexural bending and uniaxial compression tests and in the uniaxial compressions and Point load tests.

It is possible to conclude from this study that the values of tensile strength and modulus of elasticity obtained in flexural bending tests can, be used as geotechnical classification criteria of intact rocks.

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