The aims of LNEC are described as well as its activity, organization and general facilities as regards the specific field of Geotechnique, listing the subjects dealt with at the different Divisions. The activity on a given theme is usually divided into three phases: research or investment, development or services rendered, routine or common tests. The first two phases are quantified in percentage as 19% and 81%. Production as concerns the different areas of Geotechnique is presented in the form of a graph and expressed by the number of reports. The number of LNEC members working on Geotechnique is given (109) and among them, those whose career leads to the grade of principal research officer (31). Examples are given of principal research officer theses and research officer theses. Finally, information is supplied on the installations (6000m2) and annual budget (1 to 1.5 million US dollars) for Geotechnique.

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