The rationality of such mechanization does not consist merely in exclusion of miner from the mining work, but also in even getting of longwall and giving it a stabile shape and dimensions as well as direction of its progress. The control of the hazard which is effected by statics and kinetics of longwall surroundings, calls for giving it not a great width. These conditions are fulfilled by complex mechanization. In Poland the mechanization of longwalls of middle thickness is realised in seams prone to rock bursts inclined to 20 deg. Using the progress in designing dynamic plough the extension of complex mechanization is suggested over the longitudinal longwall method with roof caving, at a dip of 30 deg. At a dip higher than 30 deg. the complex mechanization may be used of transversal longwall progressing on the full dip. In a thick seam prone to rock bursts there are possibilities of using the achievements of mechanization in Kuznietzk Basin /USSR /.

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