The paper in short describes the terrain composition, classification of the discontinuity in the rock mass on the basis of fissures stage, calculation of rock mass stability with establishing of real important facts and technical measures for sanation of the labile parts of the rock massive in the cut and on slope on some parts of the railway Beograd-Bar. On the railway from the km 85+970 – 86+858 the terrain is represented with trias limestone in thicker layers. The general direction of slope inclination is under an angle of 23° towards the massive and 15° towards the railway. The railway from the km 47+635 – 47+719 the part from Trebaljevo - Kolašin with the nearer surroundings is represented by porphyrites, which are in its surface part mechanically very damaged. The securing of the railway was done by construction of the protection walls made of old railway tracks, rustic walls made of broken stone, rock mass anchoring, and by construction of the supporting walls and clearing the labile parts of the rock mass.

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