For improvement or, at least, elimination of unwanted results connected with creation of structures we may, in many cases, undertake hydroseeding. For implementation of hydroseeding we need proper composition of grasses, legumes, bushes and trees. Good hydroseeding methods, such as humification and surface hand sowing may eliminate failures formed during traditonal management. In case of earlier formed erosion rillmarks, hydroseeding accelerates biological protection garment at a very low cost. Surfaces of the anthropogenic soils covered by protection layers (hydrocompositions of determined physical, rheological and fertilising parameters) are much more resistant for erosion as raw surfaces. Differences in eroded mass of anthropogenic structures comparing with the hydroseeded layer, are up to 200 times greater (depending on choice of the hydromixture components). The main goal of hydroseeding is erosion protection of raw soil surfaces by enriching, mulching and seeding with seeds mixed with cut straw, sewage sludge, bark and wooden chips for creating proper biotopic conditions, better germination and faster growing. Specific materials, in many cases from recycling used for hydroseeding fulfill biotopic requirements in smaller amount than in traditonal soding or humidifying. Mixture of bedding and another byproducts treated as binder are reinforcing slope surfaces which, for the long time stay wet enabling seeds germination and growing without necessity of the rain. The present results of common research from utilisation of different hydromixtures were carried out by Road and Bridge Research Institute (IBDiM) and the Institute for Building, Mechanisation and Electrification in Agriculture (IBMER). The main components were fermented sewage sludge and flyash, which are the typical byproducts very troublesome for environment. According to the Polish Standards PN – S – 02205: 1998. Roads. Earthen Works. Demands and Testing., slopes after planting should have to be compacted to the depth of 0,5 m up to Is > 0,95 (the level of compaction).

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