The behaviour of cohesive soils under triaxial test has attracted the attention of large number of investigators because of its practical importance. The behaviour of saturated clays during shear in particular has important practical implications. The study of the effect of overconsolidation is also of great value as in nature many deposits of clay have been overconsolidated in their geological history. In order to have a thorough appreciation of stability and deformation problems, it is extremely important to understand the inter relationship between the strength, pore water pressure and volume change characteristics of the material concerned. A series of tests both drained and undrained and drained/undrained conditions alternatively on the same sample on remoulded specimen of clay (KAOLIN) to study the stress strain characteristics, response to pore pressure development and volume change during shearing were conducted and results are presented herein.


The results of triaxial tests on saturated soils are of immense value so far as the practical view points is concerned. In field, saturation of foundation soil can occur from loading. Saturation by percolation of water during the performance of a structure is a common condition requiring analysis for steady state and draw down conditions. The shear-strength parameters of cohesive soils are much influenced by its stress history. The volume changes and pore-pressure variations of normally consolidated clays are similar to those of loose sends while overconsolidated clays behave like dense sands. Factors that affect the shear-strength parameters of cohesive soil include its structure, clay content, drainage conditions, strain rate and water content (Khan, 1998). A series of tests were carried out on remoulded samples of Kaolin to study its response towards pore pressure development, volume change, failure behaviour during shearing. The results have been presented through a number of figures.

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