The paper focuses on different aspects of remediation covering the range from environmental regulations in Germany up to field examples of abandoned and recycled industrial and military sites (conversion). Project examples show the beneficial use of science and technology successfully and potentially for long term liability including economical and development aspects. This is achieved by following the way from risk assessments to quality control and by settlements of new branches of businesses on the rehabilitated sites in competition to greenfields. The utilization of sealing systems - e. g. geosynthetics - leads to a protection of the groundwater resources from contaminated seepage and hence rain infiltration and prevents the diffusion of hazardous gas into the building. Following the regulation for the groundwater-protection, now soil has gained an equivalent status due to the Soil Protection Act, which passed German Parliament in 1998. Sustainable developments in remediation of contaminated sites is to be achieved by the interaction of all involved parties including public-private partnership.


"Land recycling is the use-related re-incorporation of plots of land in the economic and natural cycle which have lost their former function or use... by means of planning, environmental or economic policy measures.


Economic assessment of ecological burdens on the criterion of reduction of useful value plays an important role for the decision how to use the land and properties - especially for companies or owners with large real estate. Reasons are: creation of legal security, establishment/check of securing/refurbishment requirement, creation of basis for financial future planning by assessing the assets for balance sheets and other lists of assets, Determination/check of possible provisions for contaminated sites, Creation of planning security for investment projects, Determination of important information as the basis for successful portfolio management.

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