Generalized form of multi-plane integration framework employed to sum up the non-symmetric plastic compliance matrices of integrated planes to build up the main compliance matrix. A normal rule of yield boundary presenting suction effects is specified upon the plastic shear strain on every sampling plane. Plastic potential function as a regulating function that operates mainly, as changing in transient levels of energy or in other words, the rate of entropy growth. Such a plastic potential function as a modified form of plastic potential function presented by Feda employed for unsaturated. This model is capable of predicting induced anisotropy, the effect of a rotation of principal stress and strain axes in plasticity as state boundary surface (SBS), semi-micromechanical history of plasticity propagation as pre-failure properties through material and finally the orientation of failure mechanism. However, this model has got the potential of predicting inherent anisotropy behavior of material upon defining either different constitutive law or material properties for each individual integrated planes. The capability of the model to predict the behavior of soil under the condition of semisaturation and the rotation of principal stress axes upon undrained condition have been examined. The state boundary surface is numerically obtained. The predicted numerical results are tally in agreement with experiments.


For a typical soil that supports the overall applied loads through contact friction and cohesion, the overall mechanical response ideally may be described on the basis of micro-mechanical behavior of grains interconnections. The presentation of the overall stress tensor in terms of micro level stresses and the condition, number and magnitude of contact forces has been long the aim of numerous researchers [1], and [3]. Multilaminate based model was developed by Zienkiewics and Pande (1977) [4] for jointed rock masses and by Pande and Sharma (1980, 1981, 1983) [5] for clays.

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