More intensive mining development caused large failures adversely affecting the environment to become more frequent. To eliminate such failures and to mitigate harmful aftereffects of mining operations there have been developed and applied some methods of mineral resources recovery which are based on mutual compensation of deformations of different signs. A methodology has been developed to determine optimum parameters and mining procedures in the zones of impact. Established were the criteria of crack formation in the rock mass and seepage of water solutions therein causing dewatering of aquifers, ponds and lakes. Earth subsidence values causing the lands to be flooded and logged have been assessed.


Avec l'augmentation des rythmes de l'execution des travaux de mine sont devenus plus frequents de grands accidents dont l'influence negative sur l'environnement est très importante. Afin de prevenir ces accidents et de diminuer les consequences negatives des excavations dans les roches sont mis au point et en oeuvre les moyens d'extraction des mineraux utiles, bases sur la compensation mutuelle des dêformations de differents signes. Est elaboree la methode de definition des paramètres optima et de la sequence des travaux de mine dans les zones d'influence sur les differents elements de la nature. Sont determines les critères de la formation des fissures dans Ie massif rocheux et de la circulation des solutions aqueuses selon ces fissures, qui provoque l'epuisement de la nappe aquifère, des etangs et des lacs. Les valeurs des affaissements de la surface terrestre, qui sont à l'origine de l'inondation et de la formation des marais dans les terrains exploites, sont determinees.


Die steigende Bergbauintensitat fuehrt zu öfteren Groβunfallen, die einen groβen negativen Einfluβ auf die Umwelt ausueben. Zur vorbengung solcher Unfallen und Verminderung schadlicher Bergbaufolgen sind auf gegenseitiger Kompensierung von Deformationen verschiedener Zeichen basierte Mittel fuer Bodenschatzegewinnung geschaffen worden, die angewandt werden. Es ist eine Methodik zur Bestimmung von Bergbaufuehrungs- optimalparametern -und Ordnung in den Bereichen des Einflusses auf verschiedene Naturobjekte ausgearbeitet worden. Es sind Kriterien der Rissebildung im Gebirgemassiv und der zum Trocknen von wasserfuehrenden Sohlen, Teichen und Seen fuehrenden Wasserlösungenfiltration ueber diese Risse festgestellt worden. Es sind Werte der Bodenoberflachesenkungen, bei denen es zur ueberflutung und Versumpfung von unterbauten Territorien kommt, bestimmt worden.


Application of conventional accident prevention measures consisting in keeping an intact rock under natural and engineering features becomes no more sufficient nowadays because intensification of mineral resources development has considerably exhausted many fields in the regions of the most favourable mining-geological and climatic conditions causing the costs to increase and output to decrease in many countries of the world. On the other hand, undermining of engineering structures and utility lines without any protection measures provided will cause their damage, leakage of contaminants polluting fresh water with toxic matters and other harmful after effects. The most hazardous are the impacts of undermining natural features, because disturbance of geological medium and natural state of one of them can adversely affect the environment of the entire industrial region. So, the changes in the topography due to mining development can entail drying or logging of lands, flooding of forests and meadows. Crack formation in the rock mass disturbs the steady groundwater stage regime, causes drying of water supply sources, mortality of separate species of flora and fauna. Let us consider several instances of harmful impact of mining operations on the environment. In 1979 there was an inrush of saline and atmospheric water from the Rasval Lake into the workings of mine No 1 of Sol-Iletsky soda-muriate deposit resulting in flooding the mine accompanied by karst formation which in 1984 absorbed fresh water from the lake located in the town.

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