Chisel type cutting tools or their different versions are used with many types of mechanical miners such as roadheaders, tunnel boring machines, continuous miners, and chain saw machines. Linear cutting test is the most widely used and reliable method to predict cutting performance of any cutting tools for a given rock type, which is important for decision makers in especially feasibility stage. Results of linear cutting tests can be used for selection and designing of miners and optimizing and/or predicting their performance. Block samples of different natural stones obtained from quarries are first tested for defining some of the physical and mechanical properties such as uniaxial compressive strength, indirect tensile strength, and cone indentation hardness in addition to some other index properties. Then, the samples are cut with a linear cutting test rig using chisel type cutting tools at different cutting conditions to find out cutting performance and statistical relationships between cutting performance parameters and mechanical properties of the stones.


Predicting excavation or cutting performance of any mechanical miner is very important especially in feasibility stage for excavation of any given rock, stone, mineral, ground or formation type. Mechanical miners convey their power and force capacity to the rock mass or ground by cutting tools (cutters, bits). Therefore, proper selection of cutting tools for any given mechanical miner and ground is very crucial for success-ful and economical excavation. When choosing a tool for a ground type, many parameters should be considered together such as machine type-specifications-capacity, ground cuttability-strength-abrasivity-texture-hard mineral content, tool lacing on cutterhead-tool consumption rate and cutting capability/performance. Selection of suitable cutting tool, which also leads to optimized design of cutterhead and specifications of the mechanical miner, is mainly based on comparison of their cutting performance and tool costs for a given formation.

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