Because of engineering geologic condition, hydrogeological condition and artificial factor, it is easy to result in various kinds of landslide during highway construction. Taking the Shanwang Temple landslide, which lies in sub-line water divide(Hubei-Chongqing boundary) to Zhong County Expressway of Shanghai- Chengdu trunk lines of national expressways in Chongqing, China as an example, the process of landslide cutting, destruction and treatment is simulated by FEM and preferably effect is obtained. The results show that the Shanwang Temple landslide is evoked by resurrection of an old landslide because of human engineering activity. In order to control the newly formed landslide, comprehensive treatment method is used, which is composed of anti-slide pile, gentle slope ratio, anchor bolt supporting and temporary counter pressure at shear exit of former roadbed cutting. The sliding tendency of newly landslide is finished and the cutting slope achieves steady.


Landslide is important natural disaster of human being. For the past few years, economic looses of landslide reaches up to a hundred million dollars every year all around the world. So the stability of landslide is an international study subject. China is one of most damaged countries bearing landslide disaster. Landslide plays a great role of traffic infrastructure construction. With the rapidly development of China and increasing implement of West Development Strategic, the construction of high grade road in China western area is just starting to expand. Thus both scope and quality of road have made great progress. But various engineering geological problems are inevitably encountered during construction. Part of mountain has to be cutting and original balance situation is broken. Once the treatment is not proper, all kinds of geological disaster are probable to coming, such as causing a new landslide to happen or resurrection an old landslide.

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