The major collapse which happened at Annenskiy Mine, "Kazakhmys Co" Ltd at September 2006 is considered. Some inadequate design in conjunction deviation from design leaded to roof collapse occurred at September 2006. The collapse involved over 1 million cubic meters of rock and resulted in up to two meters of subsidence, along with fissuring, at ground surface level. The area of ground affected by subsidence at the ground surface is approximately 733,000 m2. Monitoring of failure processes at Annenskiy Mine allowed avoid human victims and proceeds excavation work with the most efficiency till the last moment before the collapse. The analysis of cause of this collapse shows that the main reasons of the collapse are rejection of low levels stowing; disparity of design principles to rock mechanics features of the Annenskiy Mine. Shown limitation of the room and pillar mining methods for mining of the inclined seams (angle more then 20 degree) for the depth more then 300 m. Induced seismic-ity is the best tool for detection and control stability of underground openings.

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