The paper deals with design and practice of reinforced earth walls (REWs) in karst region at the highway Split – Ploce. It is discussed that REWs are suitable type of retaining structure in karst, because, besides satisfying the criteria for serviceability and stability, they comply with karst environment visually, as they recall to traditional means of building of retaining constructions in the area which are dry-stone-walls. REWs also serve for protection of environment, because they may play roll as storage for a great amount of crushed stone that is produced by cutting way through rocks. On the other hand, crushed stone is very suitable for REWs because of its high frictional resistance characteristics. In the paper, shortly is presented a stability calculation for REWs Strikici, the highest from until now built REW along the Split – Ploce highway. Discussed is also, due to ground rock characteristics, a possibility for building RE walls of extreme dimensions.

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