Viaduct "Kotezi" is designed over the polje Bunina, on the highway A1, Zagreb –Split – Dubrovnik, section: Ravča – Vrgorac – Ploče 1 (Karamatići), from the chainage km 83 + 652.9 to km 84 + 867. Span complex consists of 32 spans with lengths 37.10 + 30 × 38.00 + 37.10 = 1214.20 m. The height from the base of the highest pillar foundation to the elevation of the grade line is 36.0 m. In this paper the methodology of the investigations, the investigation results and rough copy of the viaduct foundation is described, as well as the real engineering geological conditions on the site of every foundation, which were determined after the excavation. The comparison between the prognostic and the real cover thickness is presented, as well as the way of building the substitution layer of the crushed stone.

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