The project is located in the northern region of the People's Republic of China and was awarded to Wan Long Joint Venture, in September1997. The project consists of four tunnels for a total length of 88,700 m, with an excavation diameter of about 5.96 m. The lining is made of honeycomb pre-cast segments, connected by PVC dowels and the joints are sealed with elastomeric gaskets. The geology is mainly Limestone, Dolomite and Sandstone. Karst cavities are abundant and are often in-filled with plastic red clay. This has adversely affected the TBM's progress. Four double shield telescopic TBMs were mobilized to cope with the very tight construction schedule and, at the after only 36 months, more than 80% of the tunnel has been bored. The article analyses the project conditions and the results of different technical solutions adopted to the project.

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