Karaj Water Conveyance Tunnel (KWCT) is 30 km long and has been designed for transferring 16 m3/s of water from Amir-Kabir dam to northwest of Tehran. This tunnel is divided in two separate sections. Lot No. 1 of this long tunnel (ET-K' section with a length of 16 km) is under construction with a double shield TBM, and currently more than 14 km of the tunnel has been excavated/lined. The same machine will continue excavating the second lot (K'-P section with a length of 14 km) after refurbishing at the K' portal. Obviously, with similarities in geology and machine specifications, experiences gained from the first lot can be used for predicting Machine performance and revising tunnel schedule in the second lot. This paper will introduce a new prediction equation which was developed based on analysis performed on field data from tunneling operation to date. Using the new model, TBM performance in the second lot of KWCT project will be predicted and a new time table for project completion will be offered.

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