Construction projects are becoming more challenging and require as much instrumentation information as possible. Two new types of instruments have been developed by Solexperts to satisfy these needs. Both instruments have been field proven. The MagX extensometer is based on the magnetostrictive measurement principle. The displacement of 20 positions along a 15 m curved or straight measuring line can be simultaneously measured with high precision. The instrument is configured as a manual or automatic device. The Reverse Head Extensometer (RHX) continuously monitors the propagation of deformation during excavation providing important continuous time-relative information about excavation activities to control the excavation process, optimize design and site activities. It consists of up to 20 extensometer modules. The data logging head is located at the deepest point of the borehole instead of at the surface. This reverse configuration allows collection of continuous time-relative data as its modules are successively destroyed by the excavation.

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