Geotechnical monitoring is integral part of each tunnelling project and usually combines different monitoring tools. Especially 3D displacement measurements of targets that are installed in primary lining in measuring sections at regular distances along the tunnel have become a standard procedure and were performed daily in all tunnels built in the last 15 years in Slovenia. A large number of data are collected daily during tunnelling and have to be promptly presented in graphical way in order to enable the analysis by designers, contractors and supervising engineers. To facilitate this process and to assure that the reports are daily available, an automated system for the elaboration of displacement monitoring data was prepared. The system is able to receive and filter data, insert data into the proper database, make basic analyses and generate reports. All these tasks are done without the intervention of an operator. The system has been successfully used in three tunnelling projects in Slovenia. The reports were usually on the designer's computer within 15 minutes after the data had been obtained from site and the necessary actions could be taken on the same day.

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