Groundwater problem in Bolu tunnel has been studied. An analytical modeling using the conformal mapping technique has been developed. Bolu tunnel for the motorway between Ankara— Istanbul aligns through the north Anatolians fault zone and trust zones. The related rock units and the topography of region are given. The hydraulic heads, generally varying in accordance with topography are given. The water discharge at a certain point of the tunnel is calculated. Where, the rocks are considered to have hydraulic conductivities between 10−6 and 10−8 msec−1. But, at some points water drainage reduces the water heads. The analytical solution is original. The data i.e. hydraulic conductivity, hydraulic head is inserted into this solution. The discharge obtained by calculation is compared to the case with circular shape. It has been found that the developed analytical model is a tool for the estimation of the water inflow.

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