Underground cavities are normally discovered in the North-Eastern part of South Korea, where the karst region spreads. This particular condition can create geotechnical hazard such as abrupt displacement, long-term settlement, cavity collapse, etc. In this research, a road embankment on the karst region is selected and analysed using Distinct Element Method (DEM) and Finite Different Method (FDM). In the DEM analysis, soil and rock mass are simulated using assemblies of circular balls. Porosity and particle-size distribution are also considered for evaluating the initial stress condition. In this study, it is focused on the estimate of elastic properties of specimen for FDM analysis based on case study using DEM analysis. A few numerical triaxial tests according to confining pressure have been performed and loading-unloading procedure is also simulated to determine Young's modulus and Poission's ratio. These properties are applied to FDM analysis of actual embankment section and compared with DEM analysis results.

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