When describing exposures in the field or logging core in the laboratory of carbonate rock the logger would have to have at his or her disposal a small library of codes of practice and publications to be able to describe rock in terms of mineralogy, strength and discontinuities for geomechanics purposes.

At TUDelft logging of numerous boreholes were made in the very weak Cretaceous calcarenites for the proposed new tunnels of the main motorway through Maastricht the A2 (E24). B To allow for fast referencing, the classification descriptors were summarized on plasticized pocket cards becoming indispensable in the logging process. The mineralogical limestone cards are based on definitions for limestone and carbonate from a geology dictionary as well as including well-known tables compiled by engineering geologists in several publications. Additional cards were made and used to describe the geomechanical features also applicable to non-carbonate rocks.

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